Watch Olympus Has Fallen (2013) Online Free HD Streaming Movie

Watch Olympus Has Fallen (2013) Online Free – This film was surprisingly good. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such an enjoyable action film like this one. Actually, I’ve been starving for one for quite some time. So much so that after being disappointed by crap like the first two Expendables, the Transformers sequels, the Total Recall remake, etc., I wanted to give this a 10. Of course, this film wasn’t perfect but was still a very enjoyable film.
watch olympus has fallen online free
As others have said, this was basically a Die Hard film in the White House. Actually, this should’ve been another Die Hard film. But don’t hold this against it. It was very well done. In fact, it was better than some of the Die Hard movies themselves.


Watch Olympus Has Fallen Online Free -The strengths of this film were the action (of course), the cast, the character development and the story. The action was graphic and realistic, the cast featured quality actors, the characters had enough depth to make us care about them and the story (though not original) did add more weight to the importance of what the protagonist needed to do. Add this all up and you had a film that had enough emotional impact to make you care about what happened, unlike many recent action films that seemed more like mindless video games than movies.

What I really like was the depiction of the bad guys. They were clearly bad and proved they were not messing around. Repeatedly. It’s just one more reason for you to pull for the good guy.

Watch Olympus Has Fallen (2013) Online Free -Like many action films, this one wasn’t very original. But what separated this from the others was that it was well executed and there were just so many things going for it that it didn’t matter. Watch the Expendables and you’ll appreciate this a lot more. This was one of the better action films in recent years.


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